WordPress / PHP Developer

Minimum 1 Year Experience in WordPress Development

We are looking for experienced  PHP WordPress developers with good skills in PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress. We are looking for a highly motivated WordPress Designer who has programming logic and should have at least an year of experience.


If you are applying for this job then you should:


  • Be able to continuously update the website and enhance user experience and conversion ratio by improving the design.
  • You need to have a portfolio of WordPress websites you have worked on.
  • Minimum of 1-year experience WordPress development.
  • Have experience and skills in CSS customization.
  • Have good designing sense and incorporate design elements in your development.
  • Have experience of customizing various premium WordPress themes.
  • Have a good understanding of SEO best practices in web development and design.
  • Have an understanding of conversion optimization and lead capture with the help of design and development features.
  • Have excellent communication skills in both written and spoken.


We also require your portfolio and list of WordPress themes you have customized in the past. You will be required to work collaboratively with SEO team and both your communication and website maintenance must support online marketing.


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